Software Developement

Software development tools and applications constantly change, and organizations are in an ongoing cycle to develop tools and programs that can better automate their processes to provide solutions that give them a sustained competitive advantage.
Applying our industry expertise, technical experience, and UI design expertise, we develop Desktop Applications that achieves a highly productive end user environment. That ultimately results in improved performance and business productivity for our clients. Our Desktop Applications help users view and manage large amounts of information effectively.
We have a talented pool of people with us specializing in .NET/PHP/Android/Windows Phone Apps/Windows RT Apps/SOA architecture and testing.
We have team of Highly Experienced and qualified developers, who not only can develop the solution(application) but also supports you with the requirement analysis and helps you to achieve the best possible solution that you are looking for. In RtMinds, we follow some specific milestones to develop the applications you are looking for

Analysis Phase: Analyze the requirement and come up with a solution that best fits with the requirement.

Screen Flow and Diagram View: In this phase we create the diagram of the application with the screen flows and submit that to you for confirmation help us to understand the design requirement better.

Design Flow Confirmation: We create the application design and send it to you for the confirmation, once we are done we are done with the application design we move to the development phase.

CMS Development Phase: We develop the application CMS. This phase basically contains all the backend functionality of the application; this also called the Admin Part for the application.

Application Development Phase: Develop the application for the device. Create the beta version of the application. Send the version to the client for testing.

Test and Deployment: Test the application completely and deploy the application to the server.

And hence I can confidently say that we are well trained and well placed to work and manage projects . We as contributors to enterprises have managed large projects. We are partner with MICROSOFT under Bizspark partnership. We are India's rapidly growing Software Company in Pune providing Desktop Applications, Mobile Application, Web development, E-commerce, Analysis with latest technology to many respective clients across the globe. RtMinds Technologies Core expertise in serving customers from Logistics and Courier, Service Business, Health care, Education, E-Commerce, B2B/B2C, FMCG, Hospitality, Arithmetic, Educational and House Hold industries.

- Excellent Software Architecture
- Experienced Developers and Designers
- Custom Software development